• 18 developments
  • Developments in Liverpool,
    Leeds and Manchester
  • £776m gross development value
  • 5246 new homes
  • 2450 people employed


Elliot Lawless, Director

Elliot Lawless, Director

Elliot is a development company based in the city of Liverpool, developing a diverse and exciting range of real estate schemes, which offers UK and overseas investors prime investment opportunities in some of the UK’s major cities.

With exceptional knowledge, experience of location and property markets, our offering for investors is unrivalled, making us a trusted and leading developer in Liverpool. Our investments offer some of the highest levels of returns increasing in value, whilst also providing some of the best rental yields today.


1. Ingenuity

The Elliot Group brand represents a benchmark for value, ingenuity, honesty, services and quality for all our clients.

2. Leadership

We continually strive to be an industry leader in sustainability and a premier property developer in the North West.

3. Collaboration

The Elliot Group team sets a standard for how partnering with companies at the top of their fields come together to deliver outstanding results.

4. Excellence

All Elliot Group properties are of the highest standard as appropriate for the commissioned property development.

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